Flexibile. Intuitive. Robust.

You've lost in your own service repair shop? You don't have a clear picture about the status of service ticket? Are you tired of keeping track of service tickets using notes? Cross-section of financial gives you headache?

We can offer you simple, proven and long-lasting solution. `evidencija POS` is cloud-based application targeting problems that you have in everyday work. Your data is at your hand in matter of seconds and always available.

"Why you should be thinking about moving your business to the "cloud"? Financial cross-check of your business simultaneously, data redundancy in case of hardware failures, ..."

- Russ Fujioka, founder "F4 Ventures"

Benefits and key characteristics of this platform

`evidencija POS` system is built with a help of people working in mobile shop repair services. Set of functionalities were growing year by year. IT consists of makes people that has long-lasting history in programming. All of this makes us very strong believe in our software.

Having of almost 10 years of experience, we always strive for more. Nowadays with usage of broadband internet it is time to make a step forward and rebuild all data in the cloud. We are sure that in this region we are leaders in this field. We want to meet expectations of our clients.

What stands us in the market? Besides that applications supports input and storage of the data on service orders, this solution has numerous functions that relate to business analysis.

Application has been stable for many years on the market. Nevertheless, for our clients we provide support, both by email and/or by phone, in case there is some questions, dilemma, ... Also we are closely listening to any of your request to make application richer for new features.

Our partners

Some of our features

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Customers management


A very important aspect of the business is to attract and build a successful relationship with clients. Clients are those who pay bills and wages. For this reason it is very important to have quality and validated customer data. The CRM module as an integral part of the platform helps you managing customer data so you can, in one place, uniform, have all the acquired customer information for the purpose of successful communication: address, contact telephone, email,. ..

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Work orders

Ticket tracking

Service ticket is base unit in `evidencijaPOS` platform. Main advantage is that all data are stored in single place. That makes very easy to manage service data from different geo-locations simultaneously. We can pull out numerous collected metrics with this approach. You can benefit as you can manage your priorities and making things transparent for everyone.

For all new users, we are offering 2 MONTHS of DEMO period to get to know platform and all possibilities. Drop us an email/Call us to create you user accounts and you can start testing instantly.


 10 /month

  • up to 10 users
  • email/phone support

 5 /month

  • up to 5 users
  • email support


  • have more than 10 users
  • email/phone support

You have additional questions? email: info@evidencija-pos.com or call us: +381 (0)60 096 46 24